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Reading Linux partitions has never been so easy


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Do you have a Linux partition on your operating system? If so, you probably want direct access from Windows, but you think it is impossible.

Linux Reader is a totally free app for Windows that lets you access a Linux partition as if it were any other Windows compatible disk.

It's to the creator's credit that, as it is not possible to make Windows explorer show Linux partitions, they have created their own version to simulate a full intergration with your system.

It's not often you find such a useful and easy to use app as Linux Reader
How to read Linux or Mac partitions from Windows

The disk drives used on each type of operating system use different file systems. While Windows usually runs on the popular FAT32 or NTFS systems, on Linux the standard is the EXT4 and its predecessors, while Apple has opted in recent years for the HFS+ and its derivatives. The ability to work with units in different formats is not bi-directional, and by default Windows doesn’t allow you to explore drives used by other operating systems, although there are free tools out there that will let you do it.
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